Fields Ripe for Harvest, studying John 4 | E20

In this episode, our host Leanne White delves into a scripture-based discussion on actively participating in the Great Commission. With a detailed exploration of John Chapter 4, the episode highlights Jesus' interaction with the Samaritan woman at the well as a model for spreading the gospel through personal interactions and testimony.

Emphasizing the importance of both sowing and reaping in spiritual conversations, Leanne also shares insights on the power of personal testimony in sharing one's faith.

Additionally, the episode features an update on 21C International's ministry efforts in India, sharing feedback from pastors and church leaders who attended the organization's first workshop in the country.

Highlights from this episode:
  • (00:12) - Exploring the Great Commission and Jesus' Invitation
  • (01:46) - Diving Deep into John Chapter 4: The Samaritan Woman's Story
  • (09:04) - The Impact of Sharing Personal Testimonies
  • (11:30) - Key Takeaways and Encouragement to Share Your Faith

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Fields Ripe for Harvest, studying John 4 | E20
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